Monday, March 29, 2010

I make milk. What's your super-power?

We all know the importance of Breast feeding - not only because of all the nutrients and protection that our child gets from our milk, but also because of the bond that we develop during those precious moments...

However, some still have misconceptions about breast feeding. "Will my breasts sag ?" Maybe, but your significant other may find you sexier as you develop your Goddess-ness. "Is it appropriate to breast feed in public ?" We Think so! You may be the victim of a few frowns in public, but don't take them too seriously. Most people respect nursing as a vital and beautiful act, so don't be shy - FEED ON!

A great resource for mothers is La Leche League International (, where you can get breastfeeding help, learn about breastfeeding and the law, find resources for health care providers, and much more.

Here at Baby Posh we are not yet able to offer breasts full of milk (but we are working on that !) but we have a large selection of breast pumps, nursing aprons, storage bottles, nursing pillows, nipple shields, and more.

Our goal is to help you spread your super-power anytime and anywhere. Come by for a quick intro to a breast pump or to check out our great line of accessories. Open 7 days a week!

Also: don't forget to ask about lactation support groups and recommended lactation consultants!

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