Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer is almost here - it is time to swim !

Certified Swimming, Infant/Child CPR/First Aid, Lifeguard Instructor and Author, Julie Gross, has created a Learn to Swim in Just 5 Days Guaranteed! program through her company, Swim with Mr. Blue.

Ms. Julie has written a children’s book entitled Swim with Mr. Blue, and from this book was created colorful puppet characters which are used in a Water Safety Puppet Show that depicts the story of the book.

Mr. Blue and his Swimming Crew were having fun one day and Mr. Blue forgot how to swim.
The Water Safety Puppet shows will entrance the children with the mesmerizing songs and the playful maneuvers of the puppet characters as Mr. Blue’s swimming crew teach him the swim techniques that he needs to remember how to swim and feel safe and secure in the water!

We were honored to have Ms. Julie, Mr. Blue and his Swimming Crew yesterday here at Baby Posh, and look forward to seeing lots of little ones safely enjoying the waters this summer.